Why Musicals Make Sense

Musicals are a Marmite thing: you either absolutely love them — or absolutely loathe them. If you fall into the latter group, then you probably haven’t been paying too much attention to what’s on in London theatre lately. Musicals continue to flourish on the West End; in fact, according to the Society of London Theatre, almost two out of every three (61 per cent) of theatre tickets sold in 2009 were for musicals. In fact, sales are up 8 per cent overall year on year despite the credit crunch. If you’re dead set against taking in a stage musical, you might want to reconsider and make a point of stopping in soon. visit:-convertitoremp3.io

A Little Bit Of Something For Everyone

Many people base their dislike based on a single bad experience. Assuming that all stage musicals are the same isn’t fair, though. There are some on the West End right now that are lighthearted and highly emotional, but there are also great examples of irreverent humour and hilarious, edgy plot lines in musicals like Avenue Q. From intrigue to drama to suspense, there is a musical out there for everyone — you just have to be willing to look for it.

Favourite Movies Remade As Musicals

A great way to reintroduce yourself to a London theatre musical would be to take in one of the ever-popular productions based on popular hit movies. Chances are, at least one of the examples currently on is based on a film that you enjoyed. Are cartoons your thing? Go see The Lion King. Were you a teenage girl when Dirty Dancing premiered during the late 1980s? Go relive the magic live on stage. Did you grow up watching Big Bird, Oscar the Grouch, et al on Sesame Street or The Muppet Show? You’re sure to delight in the edgy humour offered up by Avenue Q. The point is, you really shouldn’t dismiss the entire genre based on a single experience — get out there and book some theatre tickets to a musical today.

Take In A Musical – It Just Might Surprise You!

Year after year, famous musicals watch their box office sales grow and grow; new musical converts are created every single day as the breadth and scope of today’s productions evolves and tackles new ideas and themes. Rather than strictly sticking to “feel good” ideas and viewing the world through those rose-coloured glasses, today’s musicals surprise and engage their audiences like never before. Classics like The Phantom Of The Opera continue to win hearts years after their curtain first rose, while cutting edge shows like Priscilla, Queen Of The Desert clearly demonstrate that musicals don’t have to fit into a certain prescribed form. Head over to London and experience musicals like you never have before – they just might surprise you!

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