Many people like to catch rainbow trout and among people there is one question that stands out in the back of there minds more than any other and that question is, “How can I catch more rainbow trout?” Trout fishing couldn’t be compared to quantum physics, but it is an activity that can get rather involved if you are going to catch trout consistently and effectively. I have been fishing for the beautiful fish that are often called “rainbows” for more than twenty years and in that time have learned many tips and tricks that enable me to catch rainbow trout on a consistent basis.

So, if you want to know how to catch more rainbow trout you have come to the right place. In this article I will list some tips and tips and tricks that will enable you to take your trout fishing o the next level so that you never have to wonder how to catch more rainbow trout again.


    1. Wash Your Hands – Although this tip might seem a bit strange, the truth of the matter is that the scents that are on your hands will transfer to any trout bait that you touch and these scents will cost your bites from inquisitive rainbow trout. This fact is especially true will larger or more experienced “rainbows”, but is nonetheless a true fact. If you want to catch more “rainbows” make sure that your hands and fingers are free of any unnatural and/or human scents before you touch whatever trout bait that you choose to employ.


    1. Be On The Water At The Best Times – If you want to catch more rainbow trout you need to make sure that you are fishing at the most opportune times. The easiest way to accomplish this task is to pay attention to both the weather and moon and plan your fishing expeditions accordingly. Secret bait for rainbow trout


    1. Target The Best Area’s – Targeting the best area’s is vitally important to increasing your catch rates. This means that you want to concentrate your fishing efforts in area’s that “rainbows” are known to frequent. In rivers some of these areas would include, deep runs and pools or the deeper area’s that occur on the inside edge of bends in the river. Do a little bit of research about the best areas of a lake and a river to target feeding rainbow trout and start to concentrate your fishing efforts on these area’s.


  1. Don’t Be Hard Headed – In order to catch rainbow trout consistently you need to be adaptable. This means if a certain bait, lure, color, or technique isn’t performing try something else. My normal “rule of thumb” is to give a certain bait, lure, color, or technique forty five minutes to an hour of fishing time and if no rainbows have been caught, I try something else. By doing this I can usually determine the best bait, lure, color, or technique for a particular day on the water and once I have caught a rainbow or two I tend to stick with that bait, lure, color, or technique for the rest of the day.


If any of these tips and tricks aren’t a part of your rainbow trout fishing arsenal, they should be added sooner rather than later. Your final goal should be to have all of these factors working in your favor anytime that you head out fishing for rainbow trout

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